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I love the fact that the Learning Resources Centres at the University of South Wales (formerly Glamorgan) are enhanced by online resources (databases, eBooks, electronic journals, etc.).  Access to quality resources is more efficient and widespread than ever before.   Furthermore, the online nature makes it easier to market through the various channels available at the university, as well as through Twitter, Netvibes, WordPress, etc.

I have been thinking about ways to market our physical collections to those that are less likely to visit our libraries, and was delighted to hear about Pinterest.  This website allows you to organise and share all the beautiful things you find on the web on a ‘virtual pinboard’.  It seems to be commonly used by people planning weddings, decorating their homes, organising favourite recipes, etc.   I like the fact that you can browse pinboards created by others in order to discover new things, and thus be inspired by people who share your interests.

So, how can Pinterest help me in my role?  Well, I have been experimenting with creating some pinboards to promote books to Glamorgan Business School.  I have created several boards so far – one of my first attempts was to gather some titles about the topic of  ‘social media’:


My second thought was to create boards to promote new acquisitions for library stock – this time ‘Logistics & Supply Chain Management’ and ‘Women & Self-Employment’:



I can now share these virtual book displays using the online tools available to me, and hopefully attract new people to our libraries in the process.

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  1. Sam Oakley says:

    I’ve been pondering using Pinterest for subject support for a while now – it has such a great visual interface. Thanks for the ideas! It’s prompted me to go off and have a go…

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