A new way to access Companies House reports

Key Note has recently enhanced  its ‘Company Information’ interface by adding access to original Companies House documents.  Data from the past 15 years is now available and includes:

  • Annual Accounts & Interim Accounts
  • Annual Returns
  • Change of Directors or Secretaries
  • Changes to Registered Office
  • Changes to Shares & Capital

An example scenario would be if a student needs to research a particular company for an assignment, or maybe for a forthcoming job interview.  I have chosen a name of a company – The Welsh Rugby Union Ltd – at random from the Wales Top 300 list published by the Western Mail in assocation with Glamorgan Business School.

A search for this company on Key Note produces the following information: overview, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, ownership, appointments, cash flow, key ratios and account notes.  Click on the orange ‘Accounts & Annual Returns Docs’ button to see additional reports from Companies House.

Key Note screenshot

Screenshot reproduced with kind permission from Key Note Limited.

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