Dawsonera update for Android and Apple Devices

The best way to read a book

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Dawsonera is currently the University of South Wales’ main supplier of electronic library books, including many key titles of particular interest to the Business School’s staff, students and researchers.

All titles can be read online, but did you know that there is also an option to download for offline reading? In effect, this allows you to virtually ‘borrow’ the book for a 24 hour period, which could be useful, for example, if would like to study whilst you are on a long train/plane/bus journey.

It is easy to download eBooks on to a laptop or PC, but if you would like to download to a device, you will need to change a couple of settings. Full instructions are available for both Android and Apple devices.

I hope this Dawsonera upgrade will useful for your studies, and if you are part of the Business School, please feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions about the university’s electronic books collection.

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