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The Chartered Management Institute’s Management Book of the Year prize was created to honour the best in the field of management writing.  Held in association with the British Library, and sponsored by Henley Business School, this competition aims to celebrate the best of management books published or distributed in the UK; books that have the potential to transform the effectiveness of working managers or equip students for future management roles.

With regard to equipping students for future management roles, it is interesting to note that this award has a Management and Leadership Textbook category.  This title is awarded to the entry that, in the opinion of the judges (but not necessarily our academics), will most effectively support a course of study on a management and leadership topic.  All of these textbooks are available from USW libraries, so please use the links below if you see a title that you think could be useful for you!

2014/2015 Shortlist (winner announced 09 February 2015)

Aycan, Z., Kanungo, R.N. and Mendonça, M. (2014) Organizations and management in cross-cultural context. London: Sage.  WINNER!!!

Baron, R.A. (2014) Essentials of entrepreneurship: evidence and practice. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Khristenko, V.B., Reus, A.G. and Zinchenko, A.P. et al. (2014) Methodological school of management. London: Bloomsbury.

Roe, K. (2014) Leadership: practice and perspectives. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Previous winners:


Christopher, E. (2012) International management: explorations across cultures. London: Kogan Page.


Kumra, S. and Manfredi, S. (2012) Managing equality and diversity: theory and practice. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Blowfield, M. and Murray, A. (2011) Corporate responsibility. 2nd edn. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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