Take a fresh look at Key Note

Do you need to find market intelligence or company information, or get involved in list building and benchmarking for UK-based companies?  If so, the new look Key Note database has all you need!

In summary, it includes:

  • Market reports for UK-based companies in 22 sectors (updated annually) to include where possible:
    • Dynamic chapters – company profiles & league tables (updated monthly)
    • SWOT and PESTEL analysis
    • Chapters on overseas trade / international perspective
  • New SIC Top 500 market digests
  • Financial data now available for 10 years (previously 5 years)
  • ‘Live’ data and free documents from Companies House (updated every 24 hrs)
  • More focus on employability with benchmarking tools / list building features and same data available to both academic and corporate subscribers


Image reproduced with kind permission from Key Note Ltd.
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